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Our Company

MiniChemist, founded in 2021, has for goal to provide in accessible quantity special and premium ingredients.

About Us

Special Ingredients, Accessible!

At MiniChemist, we count professional chemists, developers, quality assurance specialists and quality control specialists. We have a wide background in pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics and technologies. We choose to applying the best of our technics and experiences in our respective fields to the cosmetic industry to provide the best information, innovative ingredients and the best recommendation coming straight from experts.

Our Combined Strengths

Years in Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

Years in Quality & Compliance

Years in Technologies

The Best of Cosmetics


Our team includes techies which allows us to stay modern and refreshed.


Our company provide small quantities for DIY and on demand larger quantity for businesses.


Our team is made of senior chemist, senior quality assurance specialist and senior developers

North American

Our Canadian company is focus to serve Canadians & Americans on a daily basis.

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