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Moisturizing Marula Lip Balm

Sneak Peak


100 Grams


40 Minutes




Within 3 Months


This lip balm is made with Marula oil, Hemp seed oil, Beeswax, Castor oil and Propanediol.

Hemp seed oil is great moisturizer. Beeswax provides a flexible hardness and brings consistency to the formula. Castor oil provides a cushiony consistency to lip balm. Propanediol is a humectant and therefore provides hydration to lips.

Rich in moisturizing and hydrating ingredients, our marula lip balm nourishes, moisturizes and softens your lips.  Apply to lips as often as desired. Enjoy your formulation.

Ingredients & Phases

Phase A

Marula Oil

57.2% / 57.2g

Hemp Seed Oil

15% / 15g


16% / 16g


5% / 5g

Castor Oil

5% / 5g

Phase B

Fragrance/Essential Oil

0.3% / 0.3g

Vitamin E

1.5% / 1.5g

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Safety & Good Practices


We recommend to wear glasses to protect your eyes against irritating and toxic particles or against splash, spray or touch.


We recommend to wear a single-use sterilized medical grade nitrile or latex gloves to protect your hands and the product against external contamination.

Hair Cover

We recommend to wear a single-use hair cover to protect your product from being contaminated with a darn volatile hair! we hate those 😉

Medical Mask

We recommend to wear a single-use medical mask to protect your air ways against particles and to protect the product against projected particles or saliva when you speak or breath.

Lab Coat

We recommend to wear a lab coat to protect your skin against chemical exposure and to protect your product against external cross contamination. It's wise to mention that a lab coat should be kept at all time in the lab to stay clean of external particles.


Step 1

Mix all ingredients of Phase A into a container (beaker or stainless bowl).

Step 2

Place the container into a bain-marie and heat to 75⁰C.

Step 3

Stir under low shear to mix materials until the wax is melted.

Step 4

Once phase A is homogenously blended, remove the product from the bain-marie and let cool to approx. 40⁰C.

Step 5

Add Phase B to Phase A and stir through under low shear until homogenous.

Step 6

Maintain product just above melting point while pouring off in a lip balm tube or lip balm pot.

Step 7

Allow product to cool <25⁰C before capping; product may need a small top up while cooling.

Preservation Tips

Dark, Dry & Cool

The product should be stored in a dark place away from direct light and in a dry place away from humidity exposure.

How to Use

Step 1

Apply on lips

!! Caution !!


It is recommended to test any cosmetic product on your skin in small quantity to see if allergies are triggered. Everyone reacts differently to different ingredients and if allergic reaction is trigger you should discontinue the use of the product.

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