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Participate to our Beta App

What’s The Beta App?

The Beta App is our official application that will become our main platform in a very near future! The “Beta” is just the test phase, you can see it as our sandbox 🙂 Where your feedback and proposal will be heavily monitor for short-term and long-term improvement.

Planned Features

Our goal is to centralize your whole cosmetic manufacturing operations.

Team Formulas

Save your own private formula or share it within your organization!

Community Formulas

Share your own formula with the community or test what others are doing 🙂

Ingredient Store

Access ingredients store or order all ingredients for a formula in one-two clicks 🙂

Formula Assistant

Building a formula is not enough! get tips and help from A.I algorithm.

Ingredient Database

Quickly learn about ingredient benefits, scientific information and more.


Help Center

Ask a chemist for advices on a formulating subject.


Fill up the form below to participate to our soon available beta test drive 🙂


It is important for you to let us know what you think and what you need as you are testing our application 🙂

We’ll be happy to take your suggestion into consideration as we make new decisions on what to push next 🙂

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